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Date Lecturer Title
Sep 15, 2014Bruce BudowleBioterrorism and Microbial Forensics
Apr 12, 2013Joanne BelknapThe Trauma, Mental Health and Offending Histories of Women in Jail: Results of a Multi-State U.S. Study
Mar 08, 2013Marcus FelsonHow to Be a Crime Analyst
Nov 28, 2012Scott DeckerLife Course Perspectives on Gang Membership: Walter Miller and the Lost Gang Project
Sep 21, 2012Robert AgnewEconomic Troubles and Crime: Making Sense of a Complex Relationship
Mar 29, 2012Tom TylerLegitimacy and policing: The benefits of self-regulation
Feb 17, 2012Jack GreenePolicing for Human Rights: If not us, who? If not now, when?
Nov 04, 2011James D. Unnever, Shaun L. GabbidonA Theory of African-American Offending: Race, Racism, and Crime
Sep 23, 2011Charles R. TittleThe Uses of, and Technology for, International Surveys
Apr 07, 2011John BraithwaiteCorporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry Today
Feb 15, 2011Samuel WalkerTwo Steps Forward, One Step Back: Recent Developments in Police Accountability
Oct 19, 2010David GarlandPeculiar Institution: America's Death Penalty in an Age of Abolition
Sep 22, 2010John HaganThe Displaced and Dispossessed of Darfur: Explaining the Sources of a Continuing State-Led Genocide
Feb 09, 2010James JacobsIndividual Criminal History Records: Puzzles and Dilemmas
Nov 19, 2009Nicholas LovrichMentoring Doctoral Students: Finding Synergies of Theory and Practice in Pasteurs Quadrant
Sep 18, 2009Doris MacKenzieWhat Works in Corrections: Implications for Reentry and Rehabilitation Planning in Corrections
Apr 01, 2009Alex PiqueroDifferential Deterrence: Studying Heterogenity and Changes in Perceptual Deterrence among Serious Youthful Offenders
Jan 28, 2009Edward J. LatessaWhat Works and What Doesn't in Reducing Recidivism: The Principles of Effective Intervention
Oct 07, 2008Frank ZimringThe Peculiar Present of American Capital Punishment
Mar 27, 2008William ChamblissWhat Crime Problem
Oct 23, 2007John I. KleinigLoyalty and Police
Sep 18, 2007Delbert S. ElliottThe State of Violence Prevention Research and Practice
Mar 22, 2007Austin SaratClemency in the Killing State: Sovereignty, Mercy and the Limit of Law
Feb 01, 2007Meda Chesney-LindBad Girls Go Wild? Media Hype and Trends in Girls' Violence and Aggression
Oct 17, 2006Marc MauerThe Collateral Consequences of Incarceration
Sep 19, 2006Richard B. RosenfeldThe Normal Crime Rate, the Economy, and Mass Incarceration: An Institutional Anomie Perspective on Crime Control Policy
Mar 21, 2006Cassia SpohnThe Dangerous Drug Offender in Federal Court: Stereotyping Blacks and Crack Cocaine
Mar 21, 2006Daivd BayleyAmerica's Role in International Criminal Justice: Description and Assessment
Apr 07, 2005Jeff FerrellEmpires of Alternative Meaning
Apr 06, 2005Jeff FerrellDetonating the Cultural in Cultural Criminology
Feb 23, 2005Gary LafreeCrime and Democracy
Nov 15, 1999Hans-Jorg AlbrechtCurrent Policing Practices and Trends in the Federal Republic of Germany
Feb 08, 1999John LaubCrime in the Making: Pathways and Turning points through Life
Oct 27, 1997Eric MonkkonenCommunity Policing: A Return to Tradition
Oct 01, 1997Robert ResslerOpen Floor
Sep 25, 1997Herman GoldsteinThe Pluses and Minuses in Community Oriented Policing
Apr 17, 1997Peter ReuterLesser Evils: Choosing Among Prohibition, Legalization, and Other Drug Strategies
Feb 06, 1997Gerald GaesOffender Post-Release Outcomes
Apr 11, 1996John DilulioViolent Crime, Representative Democracy and Religion
Mar 11, 1995Terence ThornberryYouth Violence
Oct 28, 1994James ShortGangs and Adolescent Violence
Oct 28, 1994James ShortStudying Youth Gangs:War Stories and other Observations
Oct 25, 1994Carl EricksonControversial Topics in Addiction: What Science is Saying
Sep 23, 1994Lewis YablonskyTherapeutic Communities
Sep 23, 1994Lewis YablonskyViolent Gangs
Apr 18, 1994George KellingEvolving Strategies of Policing
Feb 22, 1994Barry KrisbergThe Facts about Crime and Criminal Justice Verses the Public Policy Debate
Feb 21, 1994Kathleen HawkCrime and Punishment: Federal vs. State
Nov 02, 1993David FarringtonA Longitudinal Survey of Delinquency and Crime
Nov 02, 1993David FarringtonCriminal Career Research
Nov 01, 1993David FarringtonComparative issues of Crime between America, England and Sweden
Sep 20, 1993Hans-Jorg AlbrechtEuropean Police; Integration and Cooperation
Oct 02, 1992Ben CrouchCrisis in Corrections
Oct 18, 1991Hans TochPolitical Opinions and Sympathies of a Person
Sep 27, 1991Michael GottfredsonPublic Policy Implications of a General Theory of Crime
Apr 18, 1991Roland J. ChiltonUrban Crime Trends and Criminological Theory
Oct 05, 1990Vincent O'LearyObservations on Criminal Justice Education
Dec 06, 1989Richard QuinneyPeace Making Perspective in Criminal Justice
Dec 06, 1989Richard QuinneyCriminological Theory
Oct 04, 1989Don GottfredsonPrediction Methods and Sentencing in Criminal Justice
Oct 04, 1989Don GottfredsonRational Decisions in Criminal Justice
Sep 13, 1989Rita SimonThe Jury
Sep 13, 1989Rita SimonPublishing in the Academic Environment
Nov 16, 1988Joan PetersiliaExpanding Options in Criminal Sentencing

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